radio the universe

Dec 21

radio the universe. indie game kickstarter

i’ve launched a kickstarter:

"Rtu is a challenging and atmospheric sci-fi action game with SNES-style visuals and a sinister, offbeat narrative."

it’s been a center-stage obsession of mine for a long time now—not just the kickstarter, but the game itself. i hope that it happens.

Nov 28

this game has kind of taken a strange turn ever since i played symphony of the night

"Sun Room:

A modest alcove with a single, open window. Similar rooms exist throughout the city, their presence unexplained.

In a bleak and hopeless world, these quaint memories of the sky dispel troubling shadows and provide some solace.

True sunlight cannot be found within the city. But as long as one has faith, it is sufficient.”

shader trick simulating reflective surfaces on plain rgba 2d textures using ‘luminance ramps’. will need to reduce entire process down to an approximation curve. blah blah blah

sun rooms are essentially checkpoints. you die and respawn at the last one you hit.



'concept art'

isnt this a fucking sci fi game

Sep 13
promo imagery no02
lets see where this project goes

promo imagery no02

lets see where this project goes